The End of Paper Fee Claims

Effective February 25, 2015, SDAP will no longer be accepting manually written fee claims. As of this date, all new fee claims must be submitted via the electronic e-claim system. While we recognize the change is difficult for some, we are confident you will find that the e-claim system is easy to use and results in the prompt and timely payment of claims. In order to use the e-claim system for SDAP, you will need to obtain a password. Please contact Jay Kohorn ( in order to obtain a password. If you have any difficulty in using e-claims, please contact our office manager, Yoli Edwards (, or secretary, Priscilla O'Harra (, for assistance.

The one excepton is that if you have already filed an interim claim by mailing a paper claim to the project, the final claim must also be submitted manually. You cannot submit a final claim via the e-claim system if the interim claim was produced manually and mailed to the project.

(January 30, 2015)

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