Stop Binding Copies of Briefs Not Filed in Appellate Court

The Appellate Indigent Defense Oversight Committee (AIDOAC) has directed that, for purposes of reimbusement of expenses, service copies of briefs and petitions normally should be stapled rather than bound. Copies filed in the court of appeal or Supreme Court must still be bound, as required by the rules of court. (Rules 14(b)(8), 28.1(a), 29.1(b)(1), 33(a), 39 et seq., 56(a), 56.5(c)(1), and any other rules that might apply.) All copies of briefs and petitions that are served (except for copies filed with the court) simpy should be stapled. AIDOAC stresses that one staple is sufficient, and the staple need not be taped over.

AIDOAC believes this will significantly reduce binding costs which are passed on to the judiciary. This change will take effect where the opening brief is filed after May 1, 2004. Although it is permitted to continue to bind reply briefs and petitions in cases where the opening brief was filed before May 1, appellate counsel is urged to staple the copies that will not be filed in an appellate court.

April 15, 2004

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