Welcome to SDAP’s new Website. This site will provide attorneys assistance and information concerning criminal and juvenile appeals in the Sixth District Court of Appeal. We would like to thank Laurel Thorpe at the Central California Appellate Project and Jonathan Soglin and Jomo Thorne at the First District Appellate Project for their assistance, and Chris Myers at Glitch Design who did most of the work.

For information on how to file a notice of appeal and how an appeal works, go to STARTING AN APPEAL. For information concerning the Sixth District Appellate Program, go to CONTACT SDAP. From here, you can learn about the Program, email staff members, read about the qualifications of panel attorneys, and download an application to join the panel.

Panel attorneys should check the home page periodically for announcements concerning practicing in the Sixth District Court of Appeal. Older announcements will be found in the NEWS portion of the Website. This Website also provides panel attorneys assistance in legal RESEARCH concerning criminal, delinquency, dependency, and habeas corpus law. Recent victories in the Sixth District Court of Appeal are listed.

Panel attorneys can obtain information concerning the rules and guidelines for compensation CLAIMS and download the necessary forms.

Much of the panel manual can be found under PRACTICE TOOLS. This section contains useful information concerning filing requirements, a directory of who to place on a proof of service and how to contact a client or party, general information concerning appellate practice, filing motions, briefs, and petitions, and sample letters, motions, and petitions.

Finally, LINKS to the appellate courts, the appellate projects, government sites, superior courts, and other sites are provided.

October 31, 2003

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