E-Claims Login & Instructions

eClaims Instructions

You may submit your Sixth District compensation claims, both interim and final, through the eClaims link on the SDAP web site, but only for cases in which no paper claim has yet been submitted. In other words, all claims in a particular case must be in the same format, either electronic (in eClaims) or in hard copy form. If you have previously submitted eClaims at CAP-LA or FDAP, this is the same program, so you already know how to use it.

NOTE: This release of eClaims has been tested only with Internet Explorer 5.5 or above for Windows machines, the most recent version of Internet Explorer for Macs, and Firefox (which can be used on either platform). While we have received some reports of anomalies with the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox continues to perform well.

To access the eClaims program click on eClaims Login. At the login screen, type your login name and password. Then choose SDAP for Project, and click Login.

Obtain your password through CAP-LA. Here are the rules for the permanent password: (1) Use 8 characters or more without spaces; (2) Among those 8 or more characters, use at least one upper case letter, and at least one lower case letter, and at least one number. (For example: DAFFYdog123.) IMPORTANT: Save your new password in a safe and secure place . . . and a place you can remember! The eClaims program employs a high level of security.

Now you are ready to begin your first eClaim. First, please read all the instructions on the home page. Then click on Claims on the blue menu bar at the top of the screen. You must first locate the case by case number; enter the number, including the capital letter prefix, and click on Begin Search. At the next screen, Locate Claims - Results, will indicate that no such claim has been found. That is because you have not yet begun the claim. Insert the case number at the end of the line that begins Create new . . . and click on Interim or Final (making sure that your designation of interim or final is correct, so that you will not need to start over later). This brings you to the Compensation Claims Checklist, where you can access 12 short data-entry pages, with the 13th step for printing the claim for your own records (as required) and submitting it to us electronically.

Much of the data is already filled in for you. Please check to make sure that is it all correct before submitting the claim.

For your first few eClaims, please read all of the instructions contained on the various pages carefully. The program should be relatively self-explanatory. However, if you have any questions about your claims, please call Yoli at 408-241-6171 or email her at yoli@sdap.org. If you have questions or suggestion related to the eClaims program itself, you may call Jay Kohorn, Assistant Director at CAP-LA at 213-243-0323 or email him at Jay@LACap.com.

One of the best features of eClaims is that it gives you the ability to begin the claim and then log out and in, as many times as you wish to complete the claim. You can also inspect your old claims and see the project's recommendations in each case, along with the date the recommendations were sent to the AOC. To edit or examine a claim that has already been started, click on the Examine button to the right of the claim listing on the Locate Claims - Results page.

Please remember, all claims are cumulative. That means that if you had 1.0 hour of "communications" in the interim claim, and you are now preparing a final claim with an additional 1.5 hours, your final claim must be the full 2.5 hours.

Good luck and enjoy eClaims!

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