Delinquency Cases

Filing a Notice of Appeal: Delinquency Cases

The superior court must receive the notice of appeal within 60 days of the court’s order. If you wish to contest the jurisdictional order (the trial), you must file the notice of appeal within 60 days after the dispositional hearing (the day the minor receives the sentence).

The superior court is the juvenile court where the minor faced the judge. If minor directs his or her attorney to file a notice of appeal, the attorney normally does so.

If you wish to file a notice of appeal, use this form.

The minor’s (or if the notice is prepared by the attorney, the attorney’s) name and address belong in the top left hand corner.

Below the top box, write in the county of the court and the juvenile court’s address.

Below the box, put the minor’s name where it says “CASE NAME:”

Write the case number in the box for CASE NUMBER.

In item 1, give the date of the court order the appeal is from and the order that is being challenged.

In item 2, write in (a) the minor’s name, (b) address, and (c) telephone number; also (d) indicate the name, address, and telephone number of any person the court or appellate counsel should contact. Be sure to keep the appellate court and your appellate attorney informed of your whereabouts.

Print the date and your name and sign your name at the arrow (▶).

In item 3, indicate if items 4 through 6 on page two were completed. Items 4 through 6 need not be completed, but it is usually helpful if they are.

On page two, in the boxes on the top, write the minor’s name and the case number.

In item 4, the appellant is the child (box a).

In item 5, give the name and date of birth of the child.

In item 6, the order appealed from is either a declaration of wardship (box e) or other appealable orders relating to wardship (box f). If the government is asserting the minor was truant from school, then the appeal is from 601 jurisdictional findings. If the government is asserting the minor committed a new criminal offense, then the appeal is from 602 jurisdictional findings. If the appeal is from a different juvenile court order, then mark box f. Give the date of the juvenile court hearing from which you wish to appeal.

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