All court appointed attorneys must submit the following forms when joining the panel or making changes in tax identification, address, or direct deposit accounts.

New attorneys: (1) IRS W-9 form, (2) appellate project and JCC Information Change form, and (3) direct deposit form (optional). Send originals to the JCC; send the project a copy of (1) and (2) only.

Change of tax ID: If your tax ID changes, submit a new signed, original IRS W-9 form to the JCC and a copy to the project or projects.

Change of address: Any time your legal address changes, submit a copy to the appellate project. Similarly, submit the form any time you change the address for receiving records and other material from the appellate project or from the courts.

Direct deposit: Direct deposit is optional. To start or change it, submit a direct deposit authorization form directly and only to the JCC.

The JCC is at: Judicial Council of California, Accounting Unit, 455 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco CA 94102.

If the JCC does not receive the correct forms in advance, an error may occur when a claim is received. The Appellate Court Services Division of the JCC will contact the appellate project for the required information or request that the claim be corrected or resubmitted. Please allow 30 days to complete the changes.

Form Download Formats
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Paper Claim Form PDF Word
Previous Briefing Form PDF Word WPD
Unbriefed Issue Form PDF Word WPD
Associate Counsel Form PDF Word WPD
W-9 Form (Change of TIN) PDF
Direct Deposit Form PDF Word
Appellate Project and JCC Information Form (Change of Address) - PDF PDF
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