After a Trial

Filing a Notice of Appeal: After a Trial

The superior court must receive the notice of appeal within 60 days after sentencing. The superior court is the same court where the defendant is sentenced. If you direct the defendant’s attorney to file a notice of appeal, he or she normally does so.

If you wish to file a notice of appeal, use this form.

The defendant’s (or if the notice is prepared by the attorney, the attorney’s) name and address belong in the top left hand corner.

Below the top box, put the defendant’s name where it says “DEFENDANT:” and then put in the defendant’s date of birth.

Write the case number in the box for CASE NUMBER(S).

In item 1, write the defendant’s name and the date of the sentencing hearing.

In item 2, mark that it is an appeal from a trial (box a). If the judgment resulted from a plea or violation of probation or if the case is a juvenile matter, see other instructions.

In item 3, request appointed counsel on appeal. Indicate whether the defendant hired an attorney in the trial court

In item 4, give the defendant’s address.

Print the date and your name and sign your name at the arrow ( ▶ ).

On page two is a request for a certificate of probable cause. You may leave this blank. No certificate of probable cause is required after a trial.

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