When Referring to Minors, Sex Victims in the D.C.A.

The court of appeal prefers that a juvenile and parties in juvenile cases be referred to by their initials instead of the first name and last initial. The minor’s date of birth, address, and other identifying information should not be included. This would often include the names of the minor’s parents. The same rule applies to victims of sex crimes. (See Cal. Style Manual (4th ed. 2000) §§ 5.09, 5.10, pp. 179-181.)

Please note California Rules of Court, rule 8.400(b)(2), and rule 8.401(a)(2), effective July 1, 2010, state: “To protect anonymity, a party must be referred to by first name and last initial in all filed documents and court orders and opinions; but if the first name is unusual or other circumstances would defeat the objective of anonymity, the party’s initials may be used.”

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