About SDAP
SDAP is a law firm that does criminal and juvenile appeals for indigent clients in the San Jose area. We are not the court of appeal.

SDAP has Moved!
SDAP has moved to 95 South Market Street, Suite 570, San Jose CA 95113. Our telephone number and email address are the same. We have noticed that some panel attorneys are still sending us mail to the old address.

CADC Seminar March 11 and 12 in San Jose
California Appellate Defense Counsel's 23rd annual conference and seminar will be held March 11 and 12, 2016 at the San Jose Hilton, offering two days of inspiring presentations - 9 hours of MCLE credits, including 1 hour of Ethics and 1 hour of Elimination of Bias with break-out sessions for criminal and dependency law. CADC is also offering one-day registration options. For more information:



Concerning Use of Associate Counsel
AIDOAC has promulgated a statewide policy concerning the use of accociate counsel and law clerks.




TrueFiling Comes to the Sixth District Court of Appeal
TrueFiling is required in the Sixth District. When you register SDAP’s address in TrueFiling, you must use our new address: servesdap@sdap.org. The AG's address is: SFAGDocketing@doj.ca.gov. Our prior address has been discontinued. If you registered the prior address in your TrueFiling account, you will need to make the necessary correction to the new address. Although the California Supreme Court has not yet adopted TrueFiling, petitions for review may now be served on SDAP at servesdap@sdap.org. However, copies of client correspondence should be sent to the personal e-mail address of the SDAP staff attorney assigned to the case. Attorneys might receive notices from the clerks by email that certain documents have been filed. But all inquiries to the court should be sent to Sixth.District@jud.ca.gov.

The Sixth District has enacted a local rule that sets forth certain requirements. Since at least a few of these requirements differ from the other districts, please carefully review the local rule. In particular: (1) documents that require a signature under the statewide Rules of Court must bear a physical signature when your document is transmitted to the court; and (2) a single unbound paper copy of briefs, writ petitions and documentation submitted in support of a writ petition must be sent to the court when the document is electronically filed. If you have technical questions about how to use TrueFiling, you should start by contacting TrueFiling by email at: support@truefiling.com, or by phone at (855) 959-8868. SDAP is available for consultations regarding filing requirements.


Know the New Laws Effective in 2016
The Legislature added Penal Code section 1237.2, which requires requesting the superior court to correct an error in calculating or imposing a fine or fee before the claim can be brought on appeal, unless the opening brief presents other issues.

Penal Code sections 1205 and 2900.5 have been amended to increase the amount of a fine worked off in jail from $30 per day to $125 per day.

New Penal Code sections 1546 through 1546.4 provide new regulations concerning police searches of cell phones and other electronic devices.

Penal Code section 1203.43 was added to allow defendants who had successfully completed drug DEJ to withdraw the plea and have the complaint dismissed.

Questions about eClaims?
eClaims are processed by the CAP-LA computer system. If you have questions about eClaims, you should contact George Vergara or Jay Kohorn at CAP-LA at 213-243-0300. SDAP can only unsubmit a claim or explain which tasks must be placed on which line items.

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