About SDAP
SDAP is a law firm that does criminal and juvenile appeals for indigent clients in the San Jose area. We are not the court of appeal

2020 Seminar Material Now Available
The material from the 2020 annual SDAP Seminar and the Foundations of Appellate Practice Seminar are now available. Some of the seminar is now available for panel attorneys at CCAP's MCLE Website under the Fundamentals and Video Index sections.



Continuing COVID-19 Effects on SDAP
In light of COVID, SDAP staff continues to work remotely. Feel free to communicate by email. Telephone calls can be arranged via email, if necessary. Do not mail records or other items to the office. Contact the SDAP buddy on the case.

We will continue to process claims and engage in normal duties. We hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

See the February 2021 panel alert concerning records and other matters.



Continuing COVID-19 Effects on the Courts
The Sixth District Court of Appeal also continues to operate. Oral argument is being conducted by telephone. For more information, see the court's website.

The pandemic has caused delays in producing appellate records, especially in cases from Santa Clara County, where much of the staff that handles records has been layed off because of budget cuts. If a panel attorney is experiencing significant record delays, please contact the SDAP buddy.


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