New Clerk Administrator at the Court of Appeal
Corrine Pochop has succeeded Michael Yerly as the Court Administrator of the Sixth District Court of Appeal.

CADC 2015 Conference March 13-14 in LA
CADC's 2015 conference will be March 13-14 at the Hilton-Doubletree Hotel in downtown Los Angeles (formerly the New Otani and Kyoto Grand). Justice Goodwin Liu is expected to be the keynote speaker.

2014 SDAP Seminar Material Available
Material from the 2014 SDAP Seminar is now available.


Proof of Service for Electronic Service
The proof of service needs to be modified when a document is electronically served. (See Cal. Rules of Court, Rule 2.251(g).) A sample proof of service is available in pdf, Word, and WordPerfect. Note that the sample proof of service does not necessarily have all of the proper parties listed.

Santa Clara Docket Number in Delinquencies
For briefs and motions filed in the court of appeal, when indicating the superior court docket number in Santa Clara County delinquency cases, it is now necessary to include the three digits before the "JV" initials and the last letter; for example: 314JV12345a.

Counsel Must Retain eFiled Declarations
New rule 8.77(a) of the California Rules of Cout requires counsel to sign and retain a "printed form" of any electronically filed document that was submitted under penalty of perjury when the original is not filed in the court. The full docket number will soon be used by the court of appeal in the online docket.


e-Submissions at State Supreme Court
The California Supreme Court is now accepting e-submissions of petitions for review and petitions for extraordinary relief. This allows submitting less copies in the supreme court under Rule 8.44 and saves money.


RULE 8.44

e-Filing, e-Submissions in the Sixth District
All motions, with some exceptions, and any brief raising no issues must be electronically filed in the Sixth District Court of Appeal in lieu of paper copies. Petitions and briefs in criminal and juvenile case must be electronically submitted with the original and copies filed in the court. EOTs in juvenile cases must be paper filed. EOTs after the first extension in criminal cases must be paper filed. The AG and Santa Cruz DA may be electronically served. SDAP may be electronically served only no issue briefs, first EOT requests, notice of change of address, and notice of substitution of counsel. There is now available a list of what documents that may or must be e-filed or e-submitted in the Sixth District Court of Appeal.



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